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Real Estate in Spain


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We offer luxury apartments, duplex penthouses and townhouses with bargain prices!

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Super deal! Perfect house with 60% discount!

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Discover Andalucia and its unique traditions!

Discover Andalucia and its unique traditions!

Discover Andalucia and its unique traditions!

Discover Andalucia and its unique traditions!

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  • R O P E R T I E S    S P A I N  

Apartment: a relatively self-contained housing unit in a building which is often rented out to one person or a family, or two or more people sharing a lease in a partnership, for their exclusive use. Sometimes called a flat or digs (slang). Some locales have legal definitions of what constitutes an apartment. In some locations, "apartment" denotes a building that was built specifically for such units, whereas "flat" denotes a unit in a building that had been originally built as a single-family house, but later on subdivided into some multi-unit house type.

Studio apartment or Studio flat (UK), or Bachelor apartment or Efficiency apartment: a suite with a single room that doubles as living/sitting room and bedroom, with a kitchenette and bath squeezed in off to one side. The unit is designed for a single occupant or possibl y a couple. 

Apartment building, Block of flats: a multi-unit dwelling made up of several (generally four or more) apartments. Contrast this with the two-family house and the three-family dwelling.

Duplex house: commonly refers to two separate residences, attached side-by-side, but the term is sometimes used to mean stacked apartments on two different floors (particularly in urban areas such as New York and San Francisco). (See Two decker) The duplex house often looks like either two houses put together, or as a large single home, and both legally and structurally, literally shares a wall between halves. The duplex home can appear as a single townhouse section with two different entrances, though the occasional duplex with a shared common entrance and entry hall have been constructed. The terms "triplex" and "four-plex" are contrived names that refer to similar structures with three or four housing units, or floors if referring to apartments, and again the characteristic sharing of structural walls, as are the townhouse and six pack forms that adapted the savings in materials and costs of a shared load bearing wall

Penthouse: the top floor of multi-story building

Townhouse: also called Rowhouse (US). In the UK, a townhouse is a traditional term for an upper class house in London (in contrast with country house), and is now coming into use as a term for new terraced houses, which are often three stories tall with a garage on the ground floor.

Garden flat: a flat which is at garden (ground) level in a multilevel house or apartment building, especially in the case of Georgian and Victorian terraced housing which has been sub-divided into separate dwellings.

Villa: the original villas were country estates built by the Romans. A Roman villa consisted of a large central building with amenities like hot water, surrounded by outbuildings including stables, storage warehouses, wine pressing facilities, and so forth. The structures were surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and working farmlands, and managed primarily by servants. Some Roman villas were close to urban areas, allowing for a quick visit, while others were more remote, and used primarily as leisure homes in the hot summer months Bungalow: any simple, single-story house without any basement.